Office Signage Melbourne

Car Signs Melbourne helps business owners promote their products or services to potential customers by strategically placing them on the side of their vehicles and driving them to potential clients.  At we have been providing a range of quality car sign and car wrapping, for over 30 years now.

This form advertising and business exposing method has been proven to be one of the most effective ways of doing so, since it enables you to reach potential customers wherever they are; whether during rush hour or in an industrial area.  Car Signs Melbourne is a great way for any business to show good branding and business advertising as well.

Benefits of Car Signs Melbourne

The benefits of having proper and professional car signage are indeed both compelling and very beneficial to your brand or business. In this modern world we live in having design savvy vehicles with all the correct business data including logo, phone numbers, website and contact information can drive awareness and sales.

Here are some benefits of Car Signs Melbourne:

  • Getting more people interested in your business is essential if you want it to grow.
  • Advertising through banners can be expensive for small businesses. Car signs Melbourne provide a less expensive alternative that gets the word out quickly and cheaply without breaking the bank.
  • Simple Car Signs Melbourne create more engagement than flyers or billboards because people can read them as they drive.
  • For many people driving is their primary form of transportation, so why not take advantage of that time with informational messages? Not only will you increase awareness about your company, but you will also generate interest in what it offers while someone is captive in their vehicle.
  • Car Signs Melbourne can be a great way to communicate your brand in this large city. Depending on the type of business or car fleet you have, great signs can help boost your profits as well.
  • Car Signs Melbourne can add colour, flair and an element of pizzaz to your business fleet. If you have bland or straight forward vehicles, you are missing out on potential and indeed sales.

How Do Car Signs Work?

Here’s how they work:

  • Choose the Car Signs Melbourne size and specifications you want. We can help as well.
  • You can choose from two materials; Polyboard or vinyl. Polyboard has a much lower price point but is less durable than vinyl, so it needs to be replaced more often than vinyl does.
  • Next, pick the colour or material you want on the outside of your car sign and the colour of lettering inside the car sign that spells out your message.
  • Next, write your message inside. If you don’t have a message yet, no problem. Hi-Tech Promotions can help you come up with one that is effective and gets people to take action on your sign. You can always create one by yourself by just filling in a form.
  • There are many more facets to Car Signs Melbourne and by simply calling or emailing George at, he will advise of the right solution.

Where Should You Place The Car Signs Melbourne?

Here are some tips:

  1. Place them in high-traffic areas. This will ensure that more people see your sign and, hopefully, become customers.
  2. Put them near other businesses that complement yours. For example, placing your sign near a gas station would make sense if you sell cars.
  3. Make sure they’re visible from the street. This means no placing them behind trees or bushes!
  4. Don’t put them too close to the ground. You want people to be able to see your sign from a distance, so they’ll have time to process what it says before they drive by.

Key Takeaways

Car signs Melbourne are a necessary element for any business on the go and based in the world’s most liveable city as well. However, with Hi-Tech Promotions, you can get car signs that are both stylish and informative. They use the latest digital printing technology to create car signs that will turn heads. Plus, all of our team of designers can help you create a custom sign that perfectly represents your brand.

Ok, whether you are a courier, trade, food business, cleaner or other having the best Car Signs Melbourne will most certainly help you business along. We have years upon years of quality workmanship and support to provide the best possible outcome and results.