When you deal in the business world you get to know how crucial and valuable information is from both business and operational perspectives. Current website standards and trends also allows business to create value not just through sales and marketing concepts but creating seamless operational structures.


You need to translate information to get to know what your customers want. Are they satisfied with what you have provided and also information translation is vital to customers as well to know what your business offers, why it is better than others etc. In the modern age it is very important that you have a platform to keep the flow of this information going, which in simple terms is having an online presence through a website. If your business does not have a website it is almost like it does not even exist.

Here are some advantages of having a website for your business or project.

Advertisement Cost

Promoting your business through online means is far less expensive than promoting it through print media or radio and television. Also you can easily update and change the layouts which costs almost nothing rather than having to pay for a new advertisement campaign altogether.


Websites are a great front to gather information like how many people visited your site, purchased something, are repeat customers etc. You can then use this information to make changes for the better and to help your business grow.

Easy Accessibility

Customers from everywhere can access your website at any time and from any place without having to come physically to your store to view or purchase an item, which means more people are likely to buy from you.

Improves SEO

Good SEO is very important for a business’s online survival. Having a proper website helps make your business’s SEO campaign a success.

Increased Customer Base

Having an outlet in one location or a few places does not cover a very large customer base. But having a website means you can attract customers from all around the world not just one market segment.

Better Understanding

Websites tend to create a better understanding among the customers. They can navigate through what they are looking for or drop questions for things they need explained.


The productivity of your business gets improved too as you are spending less time explaining your business and services or products to customers and more on working on things that help you grow.


Having a website is a great way to improve communication with your customers. You can get their feedback and they can leave their queries for you.


You build a reputation for your business through your website. The content you leave on the website is a great way to educate your customers about your business and what you are offering.

Better Customer Service

Website allow for a better customer service which means more satisfied customers. You can have a system to generate automated responses to frequently asked questions or a customer representative that answers online queries. Web Club can help you design a website for your business, for further information feel free to contact us.

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Web Club Packages cover every aspect of today’s modern web standards incorporating the online and virtual communities. We are always ready to deliver and manage a large range of products and services, utilising our professional and dedicated teams. Suited to any size business or organization our Web Club Packages are designed to either update or modernise your existing website or online strategy, by creating new innovative, design, optimization and indeed output. The end product is a professionally constructed, securely built and designed website fully compliant to current online standards, coupled with total browsing capabilities.

The websites provided by Web Club will also reflect the true nature of your individual business or project, forming a complete and professional online presence. The results will reflect truly on a web business that offers a simple, flexible, adaptive, informative and professional online solutions. The following comprehensive elements of our value packed website packages, are listed below and detailed accordingly. These features and supporting elements form the basis of our WordPress web design platforms and will not only give your web presence instant credibility but the potential to grow.

Selection of WordPress designs​

The first crucial decision once you decide on on of our wordpress design packages, you are initially required to select a WordPress theme from the numerous

Modern and Fully Responsive Designs

Nobody wants to visit a website only to be confronted by a wall of text—it's unappealing, uncreative, and just plain intimidating to the visitor, your potential client.

Individual, Industry, Trade or Business Type

Small business in Australia has become a massive economic contributor to employment, driven and consisting of a wide spectrum of individuals

Content Management System (CMS)

The WordPress CMS is a world class open source solution with resources in abundance both online and via support through many forums. It’s simple use

Creative Website Pages

When it comes to getting attention, nothing beats creativity and originality. Websites that are able to attract large amounts of traffic thanks

Fully Secure and Protected

Security is a matter of utmost importance to every webmaster, and rightfully so—how could you ever expect visitors to your site to trust

Website Updates

Website updates based on our cheap wordpress web design package requires enforced collaboration and understanding, of the required changes.

Domain Names

Domain names and URL's as they are also technically known as form the gateway to the online world. They geared towards allowing individuals, companies

Live Support Services

As part of this cheap websites offer we are prepared to provide the ultimate support in online website management. We believe the backbone

Specials and Promotions

All of our members who possess any of our WordPress packages will qualify for a range of various specials and promotions. Some internal

Website Development Tasks

We have many different inexpensive website packages for our clients to choose from, and each of them takes a different amount of time

Plugins Added

WordPress plugins form an integral part of this framework by providing additional functionality and features, whilst limiting development

Keyword Research

The website we develop will be enhanced by the keywords we apply within the main content providing on page SEO structure and density.

SEO Compliant On Page Design

An on page SEO keyword application and strategy is one of the most important aspects of any website project. It reflects the main core

Google - Indexing via Site Map Submissions

The importance of having a good site map is often underestimated, which is a shame because of how much good submitting your site map to Google

Membership to

Membership to the Web Club also applies with all of our cheap wordpress web design packages. As part of this membership initiative we will aim

Secure Website Hosting

One of the things that makes our offer so good is that we are using our dedicated service providers to offer professional, local web hosting.

Free Advertising on Business Directory

The internet is the most popular source of answers to most questions these days, so we will make sure your business is mentioned

No lock in Contracts

Like our services, our contracts are flexible. The website files that are developed and uploaded will be both owned and managed by Web Club

Website Back Ups

We will install an effective wordpress plug in that provides regular and automated monthly backups for all your current website

Emails Accounts up to 10

There is a certain air of professionalism that comes to a company that has its own branded email, having your company’s name

Social Media Options (Conditions Apply)

These days, being in constant touch with your customers and developing relationships with them is one of the best ways to keep old customers

Custom Web Development (Conditions Apply)

Your website is the face of your company, and is often the venue through which you make your first impression. This initial encounter

Ongoing SEO Services (Conditions Apply)

Getting your site up and running is just the first step to your business’s success. Without content that is regularly optimized for the changing